DJ Khaled's new album Suffering From Success officially dropped yesterday, after a delay or two. The DJ let go an album stream, which of course includes one of the bigger and more controversial singles, "I Feel Like Pac/I Feel Like Biggie." Khaled and the featured artists have caught some flack for what was deemed an insensitive track, however, in a new interview with Elliott Wilson for The Truth, Khaled responds to his critics and explains where he thinks things went wrong.

In his discussion with Elliott Wilson, Khaled explains that song was created out of love and perhaps the energy of the track was confused. He also urges listeners should use their intelligence.

"'I feel like 'Pac, I feel like Biggie.' We ain't say I am 'Pac or I am Biggie," Khaled said. "That's where you have to use your intelligence. Whoever's thinking that it's supposed to be a negative vibe, I'm confused 'cause I don't understand it. It's nothin' but love. Of course you have people talking this and that, but I think they misunderstand the energy. The energy is 'I Feel Like 'Pac/I Feel Like Biggie.' They the greatest ever. Nobody's better than them." 

Check out his full interview below (via HHDX), where he talks more on the new album and the inspiration for the title.