As the rap world was still processing the surprise Cruel Winter super-collab from Kanye West, six of the game's top emcees, and Desiigner, DJ Khaled went live on Beats 1 to remind fans that summer's here and that the season is his for the taking. With the help of Zane Lowe, Khaled just shared the first single off his upcoming album, Major Key. It's titled "F*ck Me For Free," or "for radio purposes, "For Free." The song is a loose, breezy party anthem from Drake and is produced by the OVO team of Nineteen85 and Jordan Ullman. Listen here

The song's title is inspired by Kendrick Lamar, as early on, Drake sings, "And like your boy from Compton said, you know this dick ain't free," referencing lyrics from an early interlude on To Pimp a Butterfly. After Lowe rinsed "For Free" multiple times across the worldwide web-waves, he had Khaled give him all the details on Major Key

Predictably, the album will include an amazing group of guest features. For now, (aside from Drake) those include: Jay Z, Future, Kanye West, Big Sean, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, and perhaps, young Bryson Tiller. Khaled stated that the Major Key tracklist will include no more than 12 songs. 

It was already known that Khaled was planning to drop a track with Future and Jay Z, one that Future has promised will "fuck da summer up." On Beats 1, Khaled revealed that the Jigga/Hendrix collab is called "I Got the Keys." A fitting title for all three collaborators. Khaled told Lowe that "I Got the Keys" is an "amazing song" that showcases Hov rapping like it's '96. 

The We the Best boss also revealed that he and Drake are currently discussing potential "video treatments" for their new anthem, and most importantly, he announced his plans to live stream the entire birth of his first child via Snapchat.

Listen to the entire interview here.