DJ Khaled has been providing some updates on his upcoming studio album, Major Key, via his favorite platform, Snapchat, and by the looks of it, this one should be quite the spectacle, even by his standards. If you've been following Khaled on Snapchat, you'll know that he's developed countless catchphrases over the last few months, but one of his very first memes was his declaration of "Lion!" to a statue in his garden. From the title, you should be aware that many of these callbacks will be present on the album itself, and by the looks of it, a real life lion will be featured on the cover, as Khaled documented the shoot on Snapchat this week.

More recently, a constant question Khaled has been getting fans to ask him is "Did the Drake vocals come in?". While his general response was "that's top secret," he's now revealed that Drizzy has sent the files over, meaning new music is on its way very soon. Khaled already has "I'm On One" and "No New Friends" under his belt, so we should be able to count on "another one" with his next Drake-assisted single. He also hinted at doing some work with "icon" Mariah Carey. Check out the clips below.