DJ Khaled may not engage in cunninlingis, but one thing he does do? Quarterback hits. The endearing, seafaring mogul has been hard at work on Father Of Asahd while being a father to Asahd; art imitates life, as they say. Around this time last year, Khaled had already delivered a taste of his upcoming Grateful, with singles "I'm The One" and "Wild Thoughts" coming through to set a strong summer tone. It wasn't uncommon to hear his iconic ad-libs emanating from radio speakers across the nation.

For better or worse, Khaled has yet to stake his claim on 2018, for all intents and purposes staying glued to the studio, no doubt calling in a variety of high profile favors. Evidently, it would appear one returning player has answered the call to action. Khaled has taken to Instagram to give an update of sorts, posted up alongside none other than Canadian legend Justin Bieber. Bugatti Biebs, looking like David Spade's long lost cousin, seems to be dressed for the occasion, matching Khaled's outfit in what must have been a well-coordinated dress-up date.

"You already know ANOTHER ONE," writes Khaled, which no doubt indicates that an "I'm The One" follow-up is en route. What say ya'll? Is a Justin Bieber / DJ Khaled collaboration something you might be interested in?