Many of us expected DJ Khaled to release his new album in the summer but, as we all know now, that never ended up happening. It's still unclear when we can expect the mega-producer to come through with his next body of work as it feels like it may never arrive. Khaled is busy raising his son and appreciating life, often showing footage of himself in the studio but rarely sharing the end product. We're being a little harsh - he's released tons of music in the past. It just feels a little confusing that his "Top Off" collaboration with The Carters and Future would fizzle out when it was likely meant to create hype for the album. Regardless, a new (and familiar) name has just been added to the Father of Asahd shortlist.

We're expecting more of what Khaled does best when the project comes out: a major compilation of some of the most talented artists in the world. Now, it's almost certain that Bryson Tiller will be gracing the tracklist as the two have posted up during a studio session. In the past, Tiller has worked with the Miami icon a few times so it only makes sense that they would link up again.

Whenever Father of Asahd arrives, we're likely in for a few dream collaborations. Perhaps Tiller will be part of a larger end product?