DJ Khaled's Father Of Asahd was ultimately pushed back to 2019, presumably so that the mogul could amass an even deeper repertoire of talent. Though Khaled has never failed to top the charts, his Grateful album was somewhat of a critical misstep, despite massive singles like "Wild Thoughts" and "I'm On One." It stands to reason that Khaled stepped back to the drawing board, and reached out to some of the homies. As it happens, Meek Mill found himself on the receiving end of a Khaled reach-out, an interaction that eventually culminated in a reportedly productive session.

"Great session wit @meekmill great vibes," writes Khaled, on IG. "FATHER OF ASAHD 2019! When you make GREAT MUSIC the vibes is always right !" Amicable relationship, it's no surprise that Meek and Khaled ultimately linked up, given the former's current hot-streak and general popularity. 

In fact, Meek previously cited Khaled as a point of inspiration, toying with the idea of using his motivation speech as a ringtone of sorts. Though a noble gesture, one has to wonder about the long-term mental health benefits of hearing Khaled's uplifting words multiple times a day. In any case, expect big things from Meek and Khaled in the near future, whenever Father Of Asahd ultimately hits the streets.