We're not sure how Dove soap has been making headlines when it comes to rappers but here we are. After our recent post about Offset pulling out a bar of Dove while shaming other acts in the game for smelling bad, DJ Khaled has now come through to list the soap as just one of the 10 things he simply cannot live without. The mega-producer linked up with GQ to list some items he needs every day and among fresh flowers, images of his queen (wife Nicole Tuck) and son (Asahd Tuck Khaled), the Qur’an and his cocoa butter is a bar of Dove soap.

Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

"Soap is key. I love Dove deodorant and Dove soap. I'm surprised me and Dove ain't did something together...it'd be the biggest Dove ever because I really love Dove soap and Dove deodorant," he said, leaving us to wonder if the soap company already paid him for the spot. 

Elsewhere in the video, DJ Khaled showcases his favourite candles, trays, Supreme iPhone chargers, Virgil Albloh designed bags and his Air JordanFather of Asahd 3 sneakers as other items he needs on the daily. 

Peep the full clip below.