Don't get it twisted, DJ Khaled and his wife Nicole Tuck got mad love for each other. Those previous videos we posted where she's yelling at him and telling him to "shut the fuck up" as well as him admitting he doesn't give her oral sex is probably just one of the many things married couples go through. Even Kanye West revealed on his new album that Kim Kardashian called him screaming once and look at them now. 

All in all, DJ Khaled is looking to create more little versions of himself and make his one-year-old son Asahd the big brother he's destined to be. “I was talking to my queen the other day and it might be time for another one,” he told Entertainment Tonight. “Whatever God has planned for us. I love kids, listen, that's God. If God wants us to have another one, I'm ready.”

The famed producer kicked off the New Year by starting a serious health regime that you can see on his social media. Aside from getting "rid of weight" not "losing it" his new lifestyle has made him see things more clear. 

“Me being a father now, I'm definitely more wise and more cautious -- a better presentation of laying it out,” he said. “I look at my son and, you know, the new artists, the new generation and the young world -- I'm inspired by them because those are the next superstars, doctors, presidents, CEOs, billionaires, community, everything.”