DJ Khaled may be one for motivational speaking during a workout, but his wife Nicole Tuck sure as hell isn't. The famed producer has been sharing his journey of a more fit, healthy lifestyle for his many followers on Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. For the most part, Khaled has definitely slimmed down since his journey began at the top of the year and his efforts have inspired his wife to work out also. 

If you thought the video of Khaled yelling at his wife to "buy the whole store out" was hilarious, then you're in for a treat. In a new clip, Khaled is cheering Nicole on while she does some boxing with their trainer. Unfortunately, Khaled's one comment sent Nicole off the edge when he said: "All that talk you do, you can do it."

Nicole then pauses and yells back at Khaled: "Khaled shut the f*uck up, I don't like you I don't need you in the background talking shit at me to work out." Khaled tries to backpedal and just says "chill" and "calm down" over and over - fighting words.

Watch the video below.