It look like DJ Mustard had a little run in with the law today. According to TMZ, the West Coast super producer was detained by cops at LAX after a TSA employee found a gun in a bag that went through the x-ray machine.

Mustard and his friend were about to board a plane when the TSA employee detected the gun in a carry-on bag. Law enforcement says DJ Mustard and his friend reportedly started walking away without the bag when they were tracked down by LAX police.

The two were separated and questioned individually. However, it turns out that cops did end up releasing Mustard recently, but arresting his friend. Apparently, camera footage at the airport shows evidence that it was Mustard’s friend who was carrying the gun, and not the super producer himself. Therefore he was released.

It’s unclear if Mustard’s friend will be able to post bail or if he’s going to be sitting in jail for a little while, but either way you got to be smarter than taking guns on an airplane. As Randy Moss and the NFL Live crew say, “C’moon Man.”

As for what’s next on the music front, Mustard informed us back in September that he and RJ would have a joint project dropping before the year’s end. Not sure if that’s still happening, but we’re winding down the days left so it should be here shortly if so.

Check out the two photos of Mustard talking to the cops at LAX (below). We’ll keep you posted if any more on this story develops.