For the first time in nineteen years, every living member of Three 6 Mafia is joining up for a reunion tourTMZ was able to catch up with frontman DJ Paul at Los Angeles International Airport on Saturday to ask some questions about the upcoming shows. 

With regard to the tour, Paul said, “Our main one that we’re most excited about is Memphis, especially in October. That’s like the first home one.”

On a more interesting note, he also commented on the possibility of a new Three 6 Mafia album. “As far as an album, we’ll see if we can get it done,” he said optimistically. The reporter then asked if fans should hold their breath, to which Paul responded, “I mean you shouldn’t hold your breath for nothing,” in a jovial manner. He ended the TMZ interview by saying “You never know man. You never know.” 

While he certainly didn’t confirm anything, it seems like the crew might make an effort to put something together if we’re lucky. The Three 6 Mafia reunion tour was announced last month and tickets went on sale on August 23rd. The first show was Saturday at One MusicFest in Atlanta. Check out the full interview below.