Well here’s some unexpected news that G-Unit fans will be excited to hear. A new mixtape full of unreleased music is on the way from the former NYC group, and it’s expected to arrive next week.

Over the weekend, DJ Whoo Kid, who was once G-Unit’s official DJ, took to Twitter to announce that he will be releasing a mixtape full of unreleased G-Unit records that he dug out from the vaults appropriately called the Lost Flash Drive. He didn’t reveal much else about the project, like the time frame for when the music was recorded, but he did say it’s coming “next week” and that Tony Yayo is making him put it out.

Sources online believe the unreleased music will most likely come from the group's recording sessions from two years ago when G-Unit released The Beast Is G-Unit & The Beauty Of Independence. While we wait to find out what's in stored, peep the announcement & preview an upcoming record in this graphically-violent tweet below.