Another night passed and DMX was arrested once more in South Carolina, where he currently resides. However, this time round DMX called out the cops immediately, yelling that he was set up.

The rapper was in a car that was pulled over by the cops for making an illegal U-turn. During the stop, the police say that they found weed in the car and so they put him in handcuffs. They also say that they noticed there's a warrant out for the rapper's arrest, due to his previous incident of driving without his license, and so they tell him he has to go to jail.

DMX then started ranting and a friend of his recorded the whole thing. The rapper says he was set up,"This ain't no normal traffic stop," X yelled. "18 cops, 5 cars, get the fuck outta here man."

DMX, who wasn't actually driving the car at the time, says the driver did the nothing wrong and the turn was legal. X was eventually brought to jail in Greer County, SC, and he's expected to see a judge sometime this morning.

The rapper could face up to 15 days in jail, but may only have to serve 10 if he's on good behavior.

Watch the footage of DMX and the cops below.


[UPDATE: DMX Is Back At Home, But On House Arrest]

DMX has been released from jail following his encounter with the cops last night. The rapper is now on house arrest.

We have a few more details of what went down last night in South Carolina. Apparently when the cops pulled the car X was in over for making an illegal lane change (not a U-turn as we previously thought), they found a bag of weed in the arm rest of the passenger door. After searching some more, the cops say they found three more bags underneath the floor boards.

Thus DMX was cited for possession of marijuana. According to the police report, X was "very aggressive with his words and was making multiple idle threats." His publicist has refuted these claims in a statement, saying that the rapper was never even shown the alleged bags of weed.

"DMX was driving in the passenger seat when the vehicle he was in was pulled over last night. Although officers pulled them over for a minor traffic violation, DMX was asked to step outside so they can search the vehicle. Officers then claimed that they found bags of marijuana in the floorboard and arrested X. No drugs were found on DMX or the other passengers and the alleged bags of marijuana were never shown to DMX or the other passengers. DMX was released this morning at approximately 11am EST and is back at his home in South Carolina," X's publicist said.

It's not known how long DMX will be on house arrest for. See his new mug shot in the gallery above.