Earlier in the week, DMX was accused of robbing a man at a gas station in Newark. The claim (which came from the alleged victim) was then disputed by X's lawyer, who acknowledged that while the rapper had interacted with the man and a few of his friends, all that had transpired was an argument.

X has now weighed in on the rumors, confirming that the robbery never took place. "I have no idea what it's about. It comes with the territory... It's not the first thing I've been accused of that I didn't do," he said. "If I did it, you'd have known about it, but I wouldn't be able to travel as freely as I do, if I did it. My lawyer assured me there's nothing to worry about."

When asked about what actually happened, X claimed it was nothing out of the ordinary. "We stopped at a gas station. I don't recall any incident happening," said the rapper. "I make way more than that during a show, so why would I want that kind of trouble for myself?"

Watch his interview with TMZ below.