What happens when a group of artists casually bump into one another? Someone starts dropping bars. DMX is currently working in the studio like a beast with Swizz Beatz after becoming inspired following his Verzuz with Snoop Dogg. Fans are excited to hear what he's been cooking up in the kitchen and as a student of hip hop, DMX knows his way around a rap catalog. Lil Mama shared a video to show just how much knowledge DMX has of the classics after she shared a video of him stanning for rap legend MC Lyte. 

MC Lyte, DMX, Lil Mama
Matt Winkelmeyer / Staff / Getty Images

In the clip, Lil Mama records MC Lyte in her car as X stands outside of the vehicle. DMX is speaking to MC Lyte when Lil Mama tells him to spit a few bars, so he goes on to pay homage to the rap icon. "I used to be in love with this guy named Sam / I don't know why, cause he had the head like that of a clam / But you couldn't tell me nothin, cause Sam was number one / Cause to me, oh my gosh, he was one in a million," X rapped. The lyrics come from MC Lyte's song "I Cram to Understand U" off of her 1988 debut studio album, Lyte as a Rock.

MC Lyte couldn't help but have a wide smile on her face. Watch DMX give Lyte her roses below.