Back in March 2016, Swizz Beatz  teased some new music from DMX, a remix of the acclaimed Life Of Pablo track "Real Friends." "Oh yeah and since we're talking @dmx new music alert ⚡️ we're ready to start it up now!!!!," wrote the recent Harvard Grad, "X is my brother and my #realfriend ðŸ™ŒðŸ¾ stay tuned Soundcloud on the way let's set it off!! It's been way 2 long! RR 4 life...... This is just a sampler something lite ..." 

Unfortunately, the remix never surfaced, and fans were left empty handed - until now. Today, the remix has surfaced, with the music hacking group Music Mafia allegedly responsible. And while it's not an "official" release by any means, it's still a good look for the Ruff Ryders legend, who has recently struggled with addiction and legal turmoil. Perhaps this track will show that there's still demand for X, and hearing him over the dreamlike "Real Friends" instrumental is most welcome. 

Complex has provided a link to the track, which you can check out over there. If you're looking for the DMX verse exclusively, you can check out this link for a Youtube version. "Hate who I love, blessed with the curse," raps X, "I was born to die, best of the worst / wings but can't fly, but first things first, I will until I'm stretched in a hearse." It's a shame this track never got an official release, as it would have breathed a new life into an already excellent track. Here's hoping DMX can get well, and drop some new music in 2018.