The last two weeks have been nothing short of life-changing for Travis Scott, as Kylie Jenner gave birth to their first child, Stormi, on February 1. Fatherhood appears to be changing Trav for the better as he has reportedly been on cloud nine since the birth of his daughter and couldn't be happier. Something else that could be adding to the star's happiness is his upcoming album Astroworld, of which he has previously shared that he wants to get Stevie Wonder on the project. This could all be coming to fruition if Travis' latest Instagram post is taken into consideration.

La Flame shared the below shot of him and Stevie Wonder sitting in an elegant space earlier today, hinting that the collaboration may be coming to life. Travis performed at Wonder's teenage son's birthday last year, causing all the more speculation that a collaboration may be in the works. Cactus Jack hits his signature pose while Stevie sports his signature shades. Valentine's Day is clearly in the air as a lush bouquet of flowers sits on the table behind them in a primarily red room.

The Houston rapper is set to drop Astroworld later this year. Whether or not it will include a Stevie Wonder feature is yet to be confirmed, although La Flame has publicly stated that he is trying to get the legend on the album.