LeBron James is a monster of an athlete in the NBA but it's also important to note that while in high school, he was a pretty solid wide receiver. In fact, there were some Division One schools in the NCAA that were willing to give James a scholarship. Of course, he decided to forego school entirely and jumped right into the NBA where he hasn't looked back since.

During a conversation with his NBA player son Austin, Los Angeles Clippers head coach Doc Rivers spoke about LeBron and his place in the game of basketball. Rivers explained that he thinks LeBron is the greatest athlete in NBA history and that if he had played football, he could have been one of the best players in that league, as well.

“Michael was a super athlete, so was Kobe, so was Kawhi,” Rivers said. “I don't know that there's ever been an athlete like LeBron James in our league. I really believe if LeBron James had have played football, he may have been the greatest football player ever, at whatever position.”

There have been some pretty dominant wide receivers over the years so it would be interesting to see how LeBron would have stacked up. With his height and strength, he definitely could have gone far.