Doja Cat is popping off the wings of her viral DIY music video for "Moo." Although she is only just reaching the ears of an audience that spreads past her growing fanbase, she managed to put a halt to their budding fondness. 

The "Moo" rapper issued an unwarranted apology for the use of homophobic language.

"I called a couple people fagg*ts when I was in high school in 2015 does this mean I don't deserve support? I've said fagg*t roughly like 15 thousand times in my life. Does saying fagg*t mean you hate gay people? Do I hate gay people? I don't think I hate gay people. gay is ok."

From the looks of it, Doja Cat wasn't actually called out for the language mentioned in the apology. She is receiving criticism for how she brought up the subject, which in hindsight, she might have wanted to keep to herself at least until she formulated a PR-friendly statement. 

Fans are mad at the way she approached the situation. Apparently, apologizing for the use of a slur while repeatedly using said slur is counter-productive.

Following the backlash, Doja Cat issued another apology for the initial apology tweet.

"I have used horrible derogatory and hateful words toward people out of ignorance. I just want you guys to know that you're incredibly special and I hold you dearly to my heart. I'm sorry for anyone I've offended or hurt deeply. You are all worth love and support. No one deserves to be discriminated against for their race, religion, or sexual orientation in any angle or sense. I don't want you to look at me as a role model. I just want you to hear my music and the joy that you take from that is the most important part. I love making music with you. Thank you for everything to this day."

The apology tweet, along with the apology for the apology tweet, has since been deleted.