Exclusive: Doja Cat Details Strange List Of Musical Influences & Reveals Crush On Aesop Rock

Alex Zidel
March 08, 2019 12:18

Doja Cat speaks on her collaboration with Rico Nasty and how she would be embarrassed to send beats to Pharrell.

Doja Cat has been in the game for years but this last year, she picked up a lot of buzz almost by accident. The artist released "Mooo!" as a joke and it just happened to blow up from out of nowhere. Casual fans know her as the "viral cow meme" but if you've been following her career from the start, you know that she's got much more than that. Her skills as a visual artist and performer have grown tremendously since she started sharing her music with the world, showcasing her skills on Amala, her debut album. 

"Mooo!" is by far Doja Cat's most popular song but she's so much more than just a meme. While she loves to joke around, she claims that she wants to be remembered when it's all said and done for her versatility. That doesn't just include music either. She'll regularly shift between R&B and hip-hop but Doja is also a talented video director, working closely with her team on the layout of her shows as well. 

Her influences are unique, to say the least. She used to listen to a bunch of "white people indie music," TLC, Lil' Kim, and Aesop Rock. To this day, she still has a crush on Aesop Rock "even though he's like 50." These days, she tries to stay away from too much rap, simply because she doesn't want to end up sounding like everyone else. She explains that she's an amazing impersonator. With such an eclectic taste in music, it makes sense why her sound is so distinct. She's effectively combined a flurry of different genres and artists to come out with her own vibe, which has attracted a huge audience. 

Watch our full interview with Doja Cat above.

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HNHH TV Exclusive: Doja Cat Details Strange List Of Musical Influences & Reveals Crush On Aesop Rock