Doja Cat Says Her Favorite Restaurant Is Subway & She's "A Little Ashamed" Of It On "Snack Review"

Rose Lilah
May 31, 2019 12:00

Doja Cat stars in our brand new episode of "Snack Review."

Doja Cat has been keeping a relatively low profile since she delivered her dope collaboration with Rico Nasty "Tia Tamera," although she did resurface on Soundcloud randomly enough: one time with an artist we've never heard of, Starboi3, for a song titled "Dick" (yup), and then once again, solo dolo, for a loosie titled "u w u."

While we anxiously await news of an album, or something, we've got a brand new episode of Snack Review today that features the superstar-in-the-making. 

Leave it to Doja Cat to randomly find snacks that match her outfit, amirite?? The multihyphenate grabs Takis Fuegos, which feature the exact colour scheme of her 'fit, and she quickly brings us back to her youth as she rips open the bag. "I used to eat these...Kids used to sell these on campus, and everybody would just be fiending for these. And I'm surprised I didn't get sick. I guess kids' stomach are stronger. People go to the hospital for things like this," she says, before detailing she also loves hot fries.

The singer also reveals tips when it comes to eating her second snack of choice, Pirate's Booty Snack Puffs (you want the skinny guys, to be clear). She also details some of her stranger snack habits, including an Oreo and Capri Sun mix. 

Finally, as she fields questions about her eating habits, she tells us what her Death Row meal would be (lots of lobster and cheeseburgers, plus a chocolate lava cake for good measure), her biggest restaurant bill, and her favorite restaurant-- "I'm a little ashamed"-- she prefaces it with, because, yeah, it's Subway. 

Do you fuck with Subway? Watch the full video, and check out our previous interview with Doja here.

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HNHH TV Doja Cat Says Her Favorite Restaurant Is Subway & She's "A Little Ashamed" Of It On "Snack Review"