Following her first-ever number one song on the Billboard charts with the Nicki Minaj-assisted "Say So," Doja Cat has been living it up from the comfort of her own home. Despite nursing an admittedly potent hangover, Doja took a moment to speak with Billboard about her latest accomplishment, as well as shedding a light on some of her future endeavors -- and as she tells it, she'll be heading to the proverbial high seas for a bout of plundering and rum-drinking. 

Robin L Marshall/Getty Image

When asked how she got the big news, Doja reveals that her mother was the one to break it down. "My mom called me in the morning, and she was crying,” she explains. "She was like 'did you see the article,' and I was like 'mom, I don't like articles.' She’s like, ‘I’m crying, and you made it to No. 1!’ And I’m like, ‘Whoa. What?’” Admitting that the ensuing celebration left her in a hungover state, it's clear that Doja has no regrets about everything that transpired -- at this rate, it wouldn't be surprising if "Say So" was the first of many number one singles to come.

Doja also reveals a few of her quarantine listening habits, including a few surprising names. "I'm listening to a lot of Enya," she says. "A lot of Grimes. Anything that goes with this piratey-vibe I've been doing. I've been listening to a lot of Grant McDonald. Really good, people should definitely give him a listen." Upon being further asked about the "pirate" comment, Doja admits that she may very well be channeling some "shiver-me-timbers" energy in her upcoming music. "That might be something I'm doing," she teases. "It's so out of context, it makes no sense to do it. But that's what I want to do it." 

Check out the full interview below.