Doja Cat took Twitter by storm when the video for her jokey one-off "Mooo!" went viral. Since then, everyone who fell in love with the goofy, incredibly catchy track has been patiently waiting for it to arrive on Spotify and Apple Music. On Monday, Doja confirmed that the song would finally be making its way there in the immediate future, in a newly updated form.

"Are you guys ready for moo on iTunes and Spotify?" she wrote with excitement on Twitter. "The version I'm putting out for sale is different from the original but I love it and I was scared as fuck to hear the remake but just trust me on this one."

While there was speculation that the delay in release could be due to lyrical interpolations of songs including Kelis' "Milkshake" and Ludacris' "Move Bitch," Doja stated that all of the samples had been cleared.

Though it became a viral phenomenon, "Mooo!," both the video and song, happened by chance, according to Doja. "The only reason I made this song is because I bought this cow print outfit as a costume for my upcoming tour," she told Complex. "I cheated and wore it in bed while starting to make a new song onInsta-Live. It inspired everything."

The singer and rapper did not share a date for the release.

In March, Doja shared her debut album Amala on RCA.