Donald Glover, when he's not starring in Atlanta, a tv series that he created, or dropping Grammy nominated albums as Childish Gambino, Donald Glover has been keeping himself very busy securing these lucrative Disney checks. 

It's no secret that Disney movies make boatloads of money, and Glover's secured leading roles in two films that are pretty much guaranteed to be blockbuster smashes, The Lion King remake, as well as the upcoming Star Wars spin-off, Solo: A Star Wars Story. Now, as part of the promotion for the film, he's starring in a video giving us a tour of the Millennium Falcon, MTV Cribs style. 

Immediately evident upon watching the video is that the Millennium Falcon is cleaner than it ever was in any of the actual Star Wars movies, with Glover even mentioning that it was never as nice once Han Solo took the ship from Lando. We're then treated to views of the lounge area, kitchen, and the captains quarters. 

Of course, no episode of Cribs would be complete without a view of the walk-in closet, and they don't neglect that in this video either. However, Lando's closet seems to only been filled with capes, to which Glover lists off the different occasions for wearing a cape, including his sister's wedding, Intergalactic President's Day, and just being cold. 

Finally, we see where the action is, the cockpit, where Glover sends us off with a trip into hyperspace. 

Check out Glover's tour of the Millennium Falcon in the video below.