Donald Trump had his rally in Tulsa last night and it wasn't a success. Trump and his administration claimed that close to one million people had requested tickets for the event although only around 6,200 people showed up. It's a pretty sad state of affairs for a President whose claim to fame is being able to draw massive crowds. Regardless, the rally went on as planned and he had a whole lot to say. In fact, the Coronavirus was at the top of his mind, and he made a pretty interesting revelation about it.

As it stands, the United States still has the most cases and deaths of any other country. Well, Trump attributes this to the massive amounts of tests they've been doing. In fact, Trump shockingly admitted to asking his staff to stop testing as frequently, so that the numbers could come down.

This is dangerous for numerous reasons, but most importantly, because of health concerns. Without frequent testing, more people are going to continue spreading the disease which will lead to even more cases and deaths. Of course, at this point, the Trump crowd has already decided the pandemic is a hoax, so his base won't care about these comments too much.

For the rest of the country though, this doesn't inspire much confidence that the virus is under control.