President-Elect is a sensitive guy, and if you act rudely toward him, he'll start looking for revenge. One institution Trump has consistently feuded with this election is the New York Times, consistent critics of the Donald. Early this morning, Trump announced that he was cancelling his meeting with the "failing" NY Times because they were changing the conditions of their meet-up, and because they were "not nice." He went on to say that the newspaper covers him with a "nasty tone," and that complaints against the NY Times were at an all-time high. Harsh, but probably accurate.

The NY Times responded, claiming that they only found out the meeting was cancelled because of Trump's tweet, and that they had not tried to change any of the conditions of the meeting. 

Maybe it was all a misunderstanding? According to Trump, the meeting is back on at 12:30 today (perhaps it's happening as we speak). Trump and Twitter is a bizarre mix. We're looking forward to hear how that meeting goes.

To better understand the Trump headspace, peep PartyNextDoor's music video for "Not Nice" below.