Amid the terror that took place along a bike path in Manhattan yesterday, where 29-year-old Sayfullo Saipov drove over a number pedestrians, killing eight and injuring 11, the President is now considering his next move with the suspect who is in custody. 

During a cabinet meeting that took place today (November 1st) Donald Trump said he's considering sending Sayfullo to Guantanamo Bay, one of the most infamous detention centres to date. “I would certainly consider that, send him to GitMo,” Donald answers a reporter. “I would certainly consider that, yes.” 

Donald addresses his earlier tweets around Sen Chuck Schumer’s Diversity Visa Lottery program that grants access to those looking for permanent residence in the United States. The president says those looking to enter America should come through on "merit-based immigration." More of his tweets state that the "craziness" of those wrongfully getting access to America will be stopped, quoting intelligence officer Anthony Schaffer who said Sen. Chuck is "helping to import Europes problems."

"Well they say [Sayfullo] came in through that program, so we’re looking at it, but they say he came in,” Trump says. “Look, it’s very simple. What we are demanding is merit-based immigration. We want people that are gonna help our country. We want people that are gonna keep our country safe. We don’t want lotteries, where, the wrong people are in the lotteries and guess what, who are the suckers who get those people?”

Donald says that he will begin terminating the lottery program so "animals" such as the recent New York terror cannot have access to the country.