If you name a male rapper off the top of your head, there's a good chance Celina Powell has tried to get into their pants. That's just the name of the game. The self-proclaimed Black Widow was a guest on the No Jumper podcast with Adam22 this week where she exposed more of her famous sexual exploits, proclaimed her hatred for Lizzo, and more. One of the most interesting take-aways from her appearance came when she exposed her direct messages with President Donald Trump's son though.

Perhaps trying to infiltrate the White House, Celina Powell actually slid into Donald Trump Jr.'s direct messages and shot her shot and, to the surprise of literally everybody, he actually responded.

Donald Trump Jr Celina Powell
Shannon Finney/Getty Images

"You can come hunt my vagina babe," allegedly wrote Celina Powell in her first message. "I thought you were cute and I love how you defend your father. He's a great man. I hope one day to see you."

As he was reading out the messages, Adam22 couldn't help but laugh when he saw that Trump Jr. actually hit her back with a simple "Thanks."

She then asked the President's son to unban her hair salon during the quarantine, noting that she needs to get cleaned up. Unfortunately, he did not respond to that message.

Watch it all go down below.