Today, Donald Trump and Kanye West will be breaking bread and allegedly discussing all manner of political and social issues. Though the union has been dubbed as a bromance two horsemen short of the apocalypse, others have approached the discourse with a cautious optimism. Rightly so, as many have accused Trump of using Kanye West to secure votes from the black community. In a recent conversation with Fox and Friends, Trump didn't exactly skirt the topic, embracing Yeezy's co-sign and all the accompanying side-effects. 

"When Kanye came out very strongly a number of months ago, something happened," marvels Trump. "My polls went up twenty-five percent! Nobody's ever seen it. He's got a big following in the African American community, in a lot of communities. The polls went through the roof. I can honestly say I've never seen that before. 

The strange thing is, Trump sounds bizarrely genuine, even excited, in the midst of his gushing. Though cynics may accuse the controversial president of using Kanye West to secure votes from a specific demographic, perhaps there is genuine affection there. "He's really a great guy," says Trump. "He's not asking for anything for himself. He's not saying 'hey G I want to do this or that.' He's a private guy and he wants to help people."  For the record, it's unclear if Trump is using street vernacular or the more wholesome variant of "Oh gee!" 

We've already seen mass backlash to their bromance, from celebrities to the average Joe slash Jane. Yet one has to wonder, if Kanye West really does have Donald Trump's ear, what manner of change may ensure? Trump seems to heavily suggest that prison reform will be re-evaluated in the wake of their discourse. When asked whether Attorney General Jeff Sessions is standing in the way of potential reform changes, Trump proceeds plays the boss card. "If he doesn't [want change], he gets overruled by me. I make the decision, he doesn't."

The Fox Pundits seem to admire Kanye's anti-Hollywood stance, and ask whether they pair will ever take to the campaign trail together. "I could see it," says Trump. "I went to Indiana, we took Bobby Knight, and that was a big deal." A buddy comedy for the ages.

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