If you have to ask how much it costs, you can't afford it. That was an old saying that still rings true when it comes to luxury items. That mind state also appears to be the direction Donald Trump is taking for selling another one of his helicopters. As reported by TMZ, Trump has listed his 1990 Sikorsky S76-B for sale. The Sikorsky S76-B can go for around $1 million, however, this one is pretty custom. 

Besides the fact it is owned by a former president, the helicopter has a custom leather interior. The plush leather is cream-colored and accented by gold seatbelts and handles. A television screen sits deep within a custom wood grain cabinet that has a mini storage unit for liquor underneath. The luxury helicopter looks spacious and safe, ensuring a small family could use it for travel. 

The asking price is not listed, and it appears Trump is just taking offers and deciding on the best one. This is not the first Sikorsky S76-B that Trump has sold. The former president has owned 3 of them, along with a range of other private planes and aircraft. This Sikorsky S76-B is being sold through an aerial retailer via Aero Asset.