Just a few months ago, Donald Trump shared a meme where he referenced Game Of Thrones. He posted a photo of himself with the phrase "Sanctions Are Coming," which was a clear nod to Game Of Thrones' "Winter Is Coming" motto. The popular HBO series distanced itself from Trump in a statement to CNBC, stating, "We were not aware of this messaging and would prefer our trademark not be misappropriated for political purposes." Trump does what he wants though, and he has returned with a second Game Of Thrones reference meme to start off the New Year.

Trump took to Twitter to post a picture of his glaring face above a mock drawing of his proposed steel slat wall. "The Wall Is Coming," is sprawled across the image. Obviously, Trump doesn't watch the show. Although the magical wall that was built to keep out the White Walkers worked for years, the wall was destroyed by an ice dragon in the finale of the previous season. So, ultimately, the wall didn't work. Trump's reference shows his ignorance and Kellyanne Conway, Trump's consultant, admitted that she has never actually watched the show and is unsure if the president has either. You mean Trump is referencing something without knowing what he is talking about... who would have guessed?