Donald Trump has effectively signed a bill that aims to protect amateur and collegiate athletes in instances of abuse & sexual misconduct. The bill comes shortly after the Larry Nassar sentencing last month. The disavowed former team physician of the US Gymnastics Team is facing up to 175 years of imprisonment for his disgraceful actions. Rulings of this nature are unprecedented, and quite nearly impossible to pass in congress.

The Bill, tentatively named the "Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Authorization Act," will come into effect immediately. It will force all coaches, trainers and other student athletes to report a sex abuse allegation within a 24-hour window. The bill also features a rule that prevents student athletes under 18 years old from being alone with an official that isn't their parent.

The bill which was effectuated with help from Aly Raisman and other athletes caught in Larry Nassar's web of sexual misconduct, will hold individuals accountable in instances where there is failure to report sexual crimes.  This Bill will put faculty members at large, in all major athletic programs, to the spot test.

[via HuffPost]