Donald Trump is claiming that he is the reason why the NFL has experienced a ratings dip in their 2017-2018 season. 

During his rally in North Dakota, the current Commander in Chief reckons that his time spent in the White House is more engrossing than any on-field action. "When the NFL's down 20 percent—it's the flag, but it's also the fact that everyone is watching us on the different cable networks. Because frankly, they find this more exciting than the NFL and a hell of a lot more dangerous, right?"

In the fall, Trump famously called for fans of American football to boycott the sport after athletes began to kneel during the national anthem, including the season's most high-profile dissenter, Colin Kaepernick

TV ratings fell 9.7% throughout the past season, averaging 14.9 million viewers a game. 

Furthermore, viewership may have fallen due to the growing list of players experiencing injuries.