Donald Trump held a special conference call with pretty well every single major league sports commissioner in the United States on Saturday. During the call, he spoke to them about whether or not they will be able to get back to their respective leagues, any time soon. According to the likes of ESPN's Adam Schefter and Adrian Wojnarowski, leagues were told that they will be able to have fans in their stadiums as soon as August or September.

This is interesting news although it doesn't answer whether or not leagues can play without fans, prior to that time frame. In addition to this news, President Trump told Roger Goodell that he can expect the NFL season to start on time in September, which should be great news for sports fans.

There were no epidemiologists on tap for this meeting who could vouch for whether or not this is a realistic timeline. In North America, we are still quite far from the peak of the virus which means we won't know for sure as to when we can go back to normal life.

Simply put, we are still months away from the return of sports and we can guarantee that those few months are going to feel like an eternity.