Donald Trump used his presidential veto power for the first time since being elected in 2016, all in an effort to see his border plans through to the end. Moments before using his veto card, a resolution was passed in Congress in which a dozen Red Shirts jumped to the Democrat side in voting against Trump's National State of Emergency.

Had Trump not taken action in a timely manner, the decisive votes would have overturned all the effort he put into securing funding for the Wall's construction. Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd was in-house when the action was going down. He explained the legality of Donald Trump's countermeasure.

"The President acted well within his discretion in declaring a national emergency concerning the southern border," wrote Boyd in a disclaimer issued to the press shortly after Trump played his trump card.

Donald Trump himself of the insolence he felt towards his turncoat Republicans, whom he never loved in the first place. ".....THIS SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN TO A PRESIDENT AGAIN!" the President of The United States literally just typed on Twitter with the world at his window sill. Dark days lie ahead until the 2020 campaign efforts rear into place.