There's probably a lot of American's that are wishing they had a time machine just to go back in time and tell Donald Trump what he wanted to hear at the age of 25: do no run for President. 

During an interview at D.C.'s Generation Next Summit, Donald was asked what he would tell himself back when he was in his 20's. Plain and simple he responds telling the crowd that he would say, "Don't run for president."

Referencing a conversation he's had, Donald explained: "All my life I've gotten - you know every once in a while you get a knock - but I've gotten the greatest publicity....until I ran for office." He then explains how people do "get it" though because there's lots of fake news out there and he's "proud of the fact" that he's exposed that to everyone. Watch the video below.

In other news surrounding Donald, the 60 Minutes interview with Stormy Daniels airs this Sunday and will be the first time the former porn star appears on national television to discuss her affair with the President. 

The interview airs on March 25th, at 7 PM on CBS.