At this point, Donald Trump is basically an endless source of news. The current President of the United States has a tendency of saying the weirdest shit on social media, which ends up making hundreds of headlines around the world. His behavior recalls a sentiment that some Americans felt when he was debating Clinton in hopes to win the Presidency as people tuned in because they thought he was "entertaining." There is no denying the fact that he's entertaining as hell. He may be a terrible person, but he's got that going for him. A few months ago, he debuted a poster to announce his plans to impose sanctions against Iran with a Game of Thrones inspired design. Well, the poster has now been printed and Trump is laying it out during his meetings.

According to Mashable, a large printout of the poster appeared on the table in front of the President as he addressed journalists this morning. The dark image was right in the center of the Cabinet Room's table, ensuring that everybody had a good view of it. 

Trump received some backlash from GoT stars after initially posting a photo of the poster in November so it's confusing that he would actually have it printed out. This is Trump though... there's not really any use in questioning his decisions at this point.