Almost everyone is celebrating thanksgiving this weekend, even the president. The holiday is very different depending on who's celebrating it, although most in the public eye choose to go the wholesome route, even if it's just for PR (see a long list of just how vanilla everyone became overnight here.) The other route is the bitter but decadent one, where you stunt to let people know that you don't need family, you have money. Donald Trump and 50 Cent both had those kind of Thanksgivings. 50 Cent ate a grocery store turkey with one Kraft Single sandwich off of a disposable plate which was next to another styrofoam plate stacked with blue hundreds. 50 says "nobody pickin' up they phone so I'm doin' thanksgiving my way."

Trump had a similar person to thank outside the Mar-A-Lago resort in Florida (a resort which is just as much of a flex as 50's plate of hundreds, an initiation fee to become a member and therefore eligible to rent a room is $100,000, and which he calls the “Southern Winter White House”). He told reporters that he was thankful for his "great family" but also for the "tremendous impact" that he himself had this year: “this country is so much stronger now than it was when I took office and you wouldn’t believe it and when you see it, we’ve gotten so much stronger people don’t even believe it,” 

He also played golf, but not before visiting a Coast Guard station, criticizing the food they'd provided (“you gain about five pounds when you eat of those,”) and inviting anyone to come play while flaunting his wealth: “if you break par, I’ll give you $100.”