In the wake of Stan Lee's death, fans are remembering the legacy he left behind in the world of comics and movies, especially through his creation of Spider-Man and, more recently,  through his iconic cameos in Marvel movies. Some people, it turns out, are also remembering him for the cameos he didn't get to do. In Spiderman 2, he was supposed to say one of the most unexpectedly famous lines in any Spiderman movie. However, he wasn't able to shoot it that day so someone else got the phone call on the morning of: Darnell Rawlings of The Chappelle Show and The Wire. 

Rawlings, being interviewed by TMZ, describes the role as one he "should have won an Oscar for" and even recreates the iconic scene for the camera:

Not to be outdone is the original scene from Tobey McGuire's Spiderman 2:

The Spiderman movies are full of lines like this. Take James Franco's unexpectedly classic moment in the unfortunate third instalment of the series. As he sits in a cafe, a waitress comes to his table and asks him if he wants some fresh coffee, an offer he accepts. She then asks him how the pie is, to which he replies:

To give an idea of just how big of an afterlife these scenes have had, take a look at this musical tribute: