Many players around the NBA have been speaking out against racial injustice as of late. Following the deaths of countless black people at the hands of police, many throughout the country are fed up and are now seeking justice, rightfully so. Some players in the NBA actually think it would be best if the season was canceled completely, so we could put all of our focus and energy into the fight for equality and equity. Others would prefer that the games go on as planned, however, with more of a focus towards social justice advocacy.

Donovan Mitchell of the Utah Jazz players who is adamant about having his voice heard in regards to this fight. While he doesn't want the season to be outright canceled, he wants to battle for his beliefs. Unfortunately, some fans don't want him to do so and have been outspoken against the players' right to free speech. This led Mitchell to ask a poignant question on Twitter.

Essentially, Mitchell is addressing all of the so-called "fans" out there who are so supportive when the players are on the court, but don't seem to care about their day-to-day livelihood.

It's a question that brings about a certain sadness to it. At the end of the day, how can one be such a fan yet turn their back once social issues are brought into the fray? Needless to say, the phrase "more than an athlete" is as relevant as ever before.