Dr. Dre is undoubtedly a legend and one of the most influential producers ever. Aside from music, he's also built an extensive business resume that includes his BeatsByDre brand as well as endorsements from Dr. Pepper and Coors Light, among others. Despite his fame, he hasn't had to deal with any illegitimate children claiming he's the father but Dr. Dre had to clear up some rumors after someone was claiming to be his son on Instagram. 

Dr. Dre recently hit Instagram last night to call out Instagram account, @jetpacknyc. The account is verified (or at least was) and was under the name "Lou G." The description of his account said nothing other than "Son of Dr. Dre." Dr. Dre got word of this and posted a series of images. One's a screenshot of the man's profile and the other is a clear image of his face. The caption read, "This person is claiming to be the son of Dr. Dre. He is not. He is a complete fake. There is no relation."

The man behind the account seemed to be doing pretty well. The account garnered 459K followers while he only followed 214. The posts on the account included shots at Asahd Khaled's recent birthday shindig, as well as the man hopping into a gifted Porsche. However, the @jetpacknyc handle is now private with only 3311 following, one follower and 388 posts. Dr. Dre's screenshot only showed 24 posts. There's another Instagram that's also private now under the handle @inactive.instaacount that shows the exact same followers/following ratio but has no images on it and isn't verified anymore. The account popped up after typing @jetpacknyc in the search bar on the app.

It seems Dr. Dre can't get out of these weird scenarios. At the tail end of August, he found himself in the middle of a strange South Korean marriage conspiracy. A 73-Year old man was fined after spreading online rumors that former South Korean leader, Kim Dae-jung's widow was about to marry the legendary producer. The rumor said the intention of the marriage was so she could launder "slush funds" that belonged to her late husband.

Check the Instagram post below: