Dr. Dre is the latest victim of TheDirty.com, a gossip site which is known for posting (often blatantly untrue) rumors about various celebrities. The site has accused Dre of having an affair with a video vixen, reporting that the west coast legend has bought her many expensive gifts, and is even planning to leave his wife for her.

Dre and his team are denying all allegations, filing a cease and desist letter to have the alleged falsities scrubbed from the site, and threatening legal action.

According to the TMZ-obtained letter, the posts "contain scandalous, false accusations of misconduct," before going into more detail. 

"Among other lies, the posts falsely declare that Mr. Young, a loving husband and father, has a mistress with whom he is having an affair, that he is leaving his wife, that he stayed with his alleged mistress in the house you show, and that he gave her the ring you have pictured." 

So far, TheDirty has not taken down any of the offending articles. View the cease and desist letter in the gallery above.

[UPDATE: The Website TheDirty Has Responded To Dr. Dre In A Sarcastic Letter]

As we previously reported, music industry mogul Dr. Dre was the recent target of gossip site TheDirty, when they alleged that the good Doctor was having an affair with a video vixen. Dre responded by firing off a cease & desist letter, however, things aren't over just yet, as a lawyer for TheDirty has responded to Dre's letter with a letter of their own.

TMZ has obtained the letter which nears three pages, and while it starts with praise for the Aftermath label head, it ends with sarcasm.

"Back in the '80s I personally destroyed many subwoofers blasting N.W.A.'s 'F**k Tha Police' in my car in the high school parking lot," the letter from lawyer David Gringas reads.

As it continues, he challenges Dre's claims that the story is untrue. "Bill Clinton and Monica what's-her-name both denied having sexual relations.  Of course, they were both lying.  Same thing with Lance Armstrong." He adds jokingly, "Other than O.J. Simpson, who was clearly framed, history is filled with examples of people who make mistakes and lie about them to cover it up."

The lawyer concludes that they will not take the posts down, as they were not written by the owner of TheDirty, Nic Richie, but rather by users of the site. "Indeed, courts have already agreed with this argument in cases involving Nik Richie and TheDirty.com. You didn’t mention this one in your letter, so here’s a quote: “In sum, a third party unilaterally created and submitted [content to TheDirty.com] without specific instructions or requests from the Defendants to do so. This is precisely the type of situation that warrants CDA immunity," the letter states.

Check out the full thing here. We'll update you as this matter continues to unfold.