Raquelle Sagustume, a former housekeeper of Dr. Dre, is suing Dre and his wife, Nicole Young, on the basis of unfair working conditions during her 13 months working at the couple's estate. In the lawsuit, she claims that she was unjustly fired while she was in the hospital due to a work-induced panic attack. 

Sagustume asserts that two of Dre's other housekeepers, female cousins of one another, delegated a good portion of their work to her, the strain of which led to the panic attack that put her in the hospital. She is demanding additional damages from Dre and his wife due to unpaid overtime, missed meals, and earned vacation, reports New York Daily News

It was revealed in the lawsuit that, while working for Dre, Sagustume was earning an estimated $1,780 per week. Not bad -- though this estate, formerly belonging to Tom Brady, must be quite a handful to maintain.