Dr. Dre's marriage to Nicole Young is coming to an end after over two decades. The announcement that they had filed for divorce came as a shock to the majority of the legendary producer's fans and the fact that things have gotten so ugly so quickly is even more surprising.

In the latest update, it would appear as though Nicole Young is requesting access to all of Dre's financial information. According to The Blast, she has subpoenaed his accountant for all of Dre's business and accounting records over the last ten years. As you can imagine, there will be A LOT to present since they're going back so far.

Dre is reportedly fighting back against this, claiming that it contains his personal information.

Mike Coppola/Getty Images

"Throughout our marriage, I have maintained separate books and records regarding my separate property and my separate property business entities," wrote Dre in said legal documents. "I object to the production of such documents which contain my private information as well as my confidential business information that involves third parties as well. For example‚ there is no basis for the production of my confidential employee employment records."

In the same papers, it is stated that Dre is getting ready to hand over the couple's joint tax returns, which should provide Nicole with enough information.

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With such a long marriage and over $1 billion in assets, this will likely take a long time to hash out. We will keep you posted with more information on the ongoing divorce process.