Drake & Draymond Green are back at it. On Wednesday, the two superstars decided to have a little fun with one another & exchange a couple friendly jabs on Instagram.

Drake got things started Wednesday morning by posting a funny picture of Draymond, with the appropriate caption “When she asks how much fun you're having without her…” The picture & caption is hilarious, but you know Draymond wasn’t going to let him get away from the slander. So a few hours later, Green responded with an old meme of Drake, leaving the caption “When you get that text saying you no longer have to be an extra on Degrassi!”

Now this back & forth exchange isn’t the first time these have roasted one another recently. Wednesday’s IG war probably stems from incidents over the past few weeks, where Draymond made fun of Drake’s white socks while hanging out with Steph., and even screen shotted his snapchat & reposted it on his IG.

Check out the hilarious back & forth exchanges (below).