"I'm just a sicko a real sicko when you get to know me, n*gga / I let the diss record drop you were standing right below me, nigga / We must have played it a hundred times, you was going to bed."

The above situation is depicted in the opening verse of Drake's new single, "Summer Sixteen." Drake suggests that he and Meek were staying in the same hotel when he dropped his second consecutive diss track, "Back to Back," at the end of July. 

In fact, the story goes that Drake heard Meek and Nicki were staying at the Four Seasons when the "Pinkprint" tour came through Toronto. Upon receiving word of the couple's whereabouts, Drake and his crew reportedly booked a room right above that of Meek and Nicki.

And when they touched down in the suite of their own, the OVO team proceeded to play “Back to Back” at a volume that would, no doubt, disturb the couple attempting to sleep on the floor below. Over and over again -- much like tonight -- as Drake's mix on episode 14 of OVO Sound Radio ended with 6 repeats of "Summer Sixteen.”

And if you don't take Drake's word for it, just listen to Meek, whose new EP, 4/4 Part 2, dropped during tonight's OVO Sound episode, soon after the premiere of "Summer Sixteen."

The EP's final track is a Drake diss titled "War Pain," on which Meek seems to directly reference certain lines on "Summer Sixteen," such as when Drake compares himself to Jay Z and when he (likely) takes subtle shots at Tory Lanez, whom Meek defends on his new diss track. 

Even more of a crazy coincidence, "War Pain" begins with Meek addressing the Four Seasons situation:

"Location, Toronto, status -- five star hotel, Four Seasons. Them chumps right upstairs, they know not to come up here playin' no real niggas. Mu, I'm still up countin' five hundred thousand cash. Nicki in the bedroom sleep, life is good," says Meek before he starts rapping.

In sum, Meek more or less confirms the scene that Drake described on "Summer Sixteen.”"In addressing it, though, he lets his rival know that he wasn't disturbed by the "Back to Back" party that was going on upstairs -- and that his mind was kept at ease knowing the beautiful Nicki Minaj was sleeping soundly in the master bedroom. 

Perhaps that was a miserable evening for Meek, but regardless of whose story rings more true, the most interesting aspect of tonight's diss exchange is how both tracks make mention of the same incident.

And when one considers how Meek seems to take into account other aspects of "Summer Sixteen" on "War Pain," it seems likely that Meek recorded -- at least parts of -- the track right after hearing Drake's latest single. 

Or is it more likely that Meek somehow knew about "Summer Sixteen" before the track’s release? Was he tipped off about the record? Did Quentin slip him the lyrics?

Let the conspiracy theories commence...