As they say, numbers don't lie -- though they might embellish from time to time. Still, Drake has proven himself to be a commercial juggernaut of the highest order, going so far as to secure his position as one of music's most consistent hitmakers period. Even when he fires off a slew of leaks, demos, and b-sides, he's still able to command attention and rake in plaques. Of course, it doesn't hurt to have Playboi Carti in the corner, elusive and enigmatic figure that he is. True, he may have abandoned enunciation altogether, but damned if the people don't love him.

Drake Playboi Carti Pain 1993

George Pimentel/Getty Images

Case in point, the Dark Lane Demo Tapes cut "Pain 1993" recently earned a gold certification, another one for the collections of Drizzy, Carti, and the song's producer Pi'erre Bourne. While some may wonder why so many gravitated to that particular track, call it the Playboi Carti effect -- from the moment the snippet originally surfaced, the hype was already building to gargantuan degrees. And of course, the collaborative nature of the song means two different fanbases will be intrigued by it, though it's likely there is some overlap already. 

No matter how you feel about "Pain 1993," it's clear that Drake and Carti make an unstoppable team -- don't be surprised to see them connect again in the future, especially considering how well their first and only team-up went over. Congratulations to the squad for their latest accolade!