Drake's been vocal about his love for Houston throughout his career. He's currently treating the city to the 3rd annual OVO-hosted Houston Appreciation Weekend. He's got two "Summer Sixteen" shows lined up, one for tonight and another for tomorrow night, and in the afternoon before Sunday's concert, he'll be in OVO's starting lineup as they challenge Rap-A-Lot Records in a celebrity basketball game. Earlier today, he announced an event for Monday evening, and the details are rather mysterious. 

On Monday (Sept. 5) at 10 PM, Drake will host "The Ballet," which promises to present "a new dance experience." He announced the event on Instagram, and wrote to his Houston-based fans, "we are giving you the chance to experience something that's here to stay." 

It's strange to think of Drake paving the way for "a new dance experience," though as was evidenced by the "Hotline Bling" video, his moves do tend to shake up the game. Stay tuned to find out what he has in store with "The Ballet."

At the end of last month, Drake revealed that he would be releasing a short film called "Please Forgive Me," which is expected to bring with it music videos to multiple VIEWS tracks. "Please Forgive Me" is set to premiere on Sept. 30.