Drake may have underestimated the basketball skills possessed by his fans. After awarding Quavo $10,000 for hitting a half-court shot on tour this month, the Toronto rapper raised his betting price to $25,000, challenging fans in each city to attempt the feat at his shows. In Brooklyn on Thursday night, someone managed to take home the big prize, hitting a jumper off the backboard, as can be seen in a video posted by the Barclay's center. The crowd and Drake went wild, with the rapper eventually calming down to tell the fan what he'd be taking home that night. "Yo, that was very impressive," he said. "You just won an OVO jersey and $25,000 tonight."

It's fairly early in the tour for Drake to have already given out a cash prize. We'll have to wait and see how many more he'll be giving out over the remaining dates. There are still two more shows in Brooklyn before the Drake and Migos tour moves to Montreal. If you're in the are and are certain you can make the shot, it may be worth purchasing a ticket. For some inspiration, check out Quavo's incredible shot (which only earned him a measly $10,000) below.