A video stemming from a Drake concert in 2010 is creating quite the uproar on social media right now, given the rise of "victim empowerment" in relation to sex crimes. The circumstances of an 8-year old video clip surfacing overnight are somewhat disproportionate. The video begins as Drake welcomes a young woman to the stage during his concert. He asks for her age; she answers '17,' eliciting a rise out the crowd, and consequently, very little resistance from the rapper himself.

"I can’t go to jail yet, man!" Drake says in response, seemingly as the crowd gives him the green light to continue his banter. “Why do you look like that?!” “Well look, I had fun," he continues. “I don't know whether I should feel guilty or not, but I had fun. I like the way your breasts feel against my chest. I just want to thank you."

As he's heaping praises on the 17-year old woman, Drake clutches her closely, fondles her upper body, then reluctantly bids her goodbye, as she saunters off into the front row. Keep in mind, Drake was in his early 20s when the video was shot, but that doesn't excuse his behavior whatsoever.

Footage like this, illustrating inappropriate conduct, is sometimes viewed in relative terms, based on the specificity of time. While Kevin Hart may have lost his hosting duties to a revisionist attack on his old behavior, Drake isn't likely to face the same consequences for this video coming to light.

For what it's worth, Drake might never dignify his past behavior with an official response- but that won't prevent the video from reaching the critical mass, as it continues to gain traction on Twitter at every waking hour. Keep it locked for more.